Training in Scientology enables one to face and handle existence. The skills of effective communication, of how to really help another and how to face whatever life may present—all of these attributes have as many applications as there are situations in life that need to be handled.

The need for auditors is great since it is plain that individuals can be salvaged only one at a time. Many Scientologists train to become auditors and anyone who wishes to help his fellow man can do the same. But of no less importance, you can gain greater skill in handling life than you ever thought possible. There is no more worthwhile purpose than helping your fellows and no better way to accomplish this purpose than by becoming an auditor. Auditors apply what they have learned to help others with auditing and to change conditions wherever they find conditions that need to be improved.

This is the mission of the trained Scientologist, and it is in his understanding, his compassion and his skill that the dreams of a better world reside.